Your wedding ring is more than just a band that you wear on your left hand!
Have you noticed that wedding rings aren’t always plain bands anymore? Plain bands are beautiful in their simplicity but recent fashions have led many couples to my door searching for something more. A unique pair of wedding rings can symbolise your personality, or if you wish, your quirkiness! And best of all they will set you apart from every other couple. I have designed many matching pairs of wedding bands, that not only symbolise that the bearer is married but, they can tell you who they are married to, if you can find its matching partner within the crowd that is!

Your wedding rings will serve as a clear symbol of who you are and will show yourcommitment and love for each other, but it’s also a fashion accessory that you will wear for the rest of your life, so choose wisely! But that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe. Maybe you’re a spy and want Morse code as a design or how about for animal lovers a cat, rabbit or owl imprinted onto your wedding band, the sky is literally the limit – speaking of which, how about clouds? Whatever your wishes or your plans, whether you want his and his or his and hers wedding bands, I can help design and create the perfect ring for you. And, as if you need any more persuading – don’t forget I can also create your wedding rings with Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, and all of my diamonds are sourced responsibly!

Perhaps you are lucky and you own some inherited gold? Rather than letting it sit in a dark drawer, let me breathe new life into it. I can customise everything to your specifications and your budget. If you tell me your requirements I would be more than pleased to go through some options and styles with you. Recently I created a beautiful twisted vine ring that was made using recycled gold from three family rings. The result was stunning and a perfect way to always carry the memory of loved ones.

So, are you getting ready to tie the knot or do you know somebody who is? I would love to help create something unique and beautiful for you. All you need to do to is email, ring, Facebook me or arrange to pop in for a cuppa and a hobnob at my studio; I would love to meet you!